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Issue 1 Yard Signs

Yes on Issue 1Yard Signs for Issue 1

Many of you have gotten petition signatures for Fair Districts=Fair Elections; many more signed the petitions which have been circulating since last June. As a result of all our efforts, the state legislature has come up with a rare bipartisan agreement to reform the way we draw Congressional districts.

Issue 1 is supported by the Ohio Democratic Party, the Ohio Republican Party, and a host of local and state organizations. It is supported by the Fair Districts=Fair Elections coalition because it is a public, bipartisan, rule-bound process that should result in more compact and competitive districts that keep communities together.

NOW order a sign to show your support for Issue 1. Delivered.

Fair Districts=Fair Elections is making the signs available for FREE! (If you would like to donate to or join UAPA, however, we'd appreciate it.)  Please note that signs can only be delivered to Upper Arlington and surrounding communities (Hilliard, Grandview, Dublin and Clintonville).

Time is short.


The election is on May 8th.


Early voting began April 10th.

Issue 1 Yard Sign
Please list the address where you would like your sign placed. Include your phone number if you are outside our delivery area (Upper Arlington, Hilliard, Grandview, Dublin and Clintonville) and would like to pick up your sign(s).
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