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November 2018 Yard Signs


Upper Arlington Progressive Action has CORDRAY/SUTTON lawn signs to be distributed. Put your request in NOW! The signs are FREE. And we deliver!

We will plant your requested sign in your your yard within a few days of your online request if you live in Upper Arlington or neighboring communities.

For the 2016 election, UAPA volunteers distributed somewhere near 1,500 UA for Hillary and Clinton/Kaine lawn signs. It was well worth the effort since Hillary was the first Democratic presidential candidate ever to carry UA, and she did so by 14 points.

We would like to match this effort and results for the 2018 election.

If you are interested in helping to distribute signs contact Tom McIndoe at

NOTE: The signs are free, but if you would like to donate to or join UAPA, we'd appreciate it.

Yard Sign(s)
Please list the address where you would like your sign placed. Include your phone number if you are outside our delivery area (Upper Arlington) and would like to pick up your sign(s).
Payment Options
[x] I will send payment by check

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