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Cordray-Sutton T-Shirts

Get Your Cordray-Sutton T-Shirt Now!

Show your support for our Democratic candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Richard Cordray and Betty Sutton. T-shirts are American-made and Union-printed. We have S, M, L, XL for a charge of $10 and 2X for $12. We are asking for you to send a check or to pay in cash/check at the time you receive the shirt(s).

Make sure to supply your contact information so we can arrange to get your shirt to you. Sometimes we will ask you to meet us, we may deliver your shirt, or we may ask you to stop by at an event to get your shirt. Whatever works best.

After we break even on the shirts, we plan to donate the profits to the Cordray-Sutton campaign. If you want to donate to the Cordray campaign, here's a link to their ActBlue page. You can also request a FREE Cordray-Sutton yard sign delivered to your yard (assuming you live in Upper Arlington or surrounding communities). You could get your sign AND t-shirt at the same time!




$ 10.00
$ 10.00
$ 12.00
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