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Do business owners make good Council members?

UAPA met individually with 5 of the 7 Council candidates. We found our discussions to be both enlightening and informative.

Business owner dictate to others. Government leaders need to collaborate and work as a team.

Let's face it. Most of the new members of Council have

A successful corporate executive who left private industry to accept a presidential appointment to a high-level position in the federal government said after his Washington tour, "Business and government are alike in all unimportant ways."


Conservatives believe government should be run like a private business.


Government is here for the people, it's not here for itself. Businesses are in the game for themselves not for others.

"Much has been made about the ability of people to come into the government from the private sector and be able to run government like a business. Well, if government were to be run like a business it would be a business and it wouldn't be a government," he said. "Government is fundamentally different from business. Government employees don't have the same motivation. Government employees are not motivated in the way that a lot of private sector employees are. That's why the compensation is different. There are other benefits. A county executive or any manager has to understand that. They have to understand that because that's how you get things done in an organization. You get it done through people and you get it done by understanding the motivation.



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