Graphing Lessons: Who's getting tax relief?

Justin Wolfers posts competing charts on the candidates' tax plans. Chartjunk's is adjusted for the actual contribution to revenues. Click here to see an enlarged version.

Disability-rights advocate Deborah Kendrick takes on Sarah Palin

Monday, September 22, 2008


pAlaska Gov. Sarah Palin has provided more than ample eye-roll material since her coming-out as the Republican vice presidential candidate.

I'll leave her lack of experience to other columnists. Disability is my beat, and the blatant exploitation of a cute baby to support a promise that has captured the hearts and hopes of too many parents of kids with disabilities was an outrageous slap in the face of every genuine advocate.

We have had real advocates as leaders in our government and we'll have more, but simply giving birth to a baby given a diagnosis does not an advocate make. Baby Trig has a label: Down syndrome. Period. No one knows yet what his disabilities, physical or cognitive, will be.

The chirpy governor hasn't a clue what it is to fight for a disabled child's education, weigh the pros and cons of surgeries, find speech therapists or navigate the cruel land mines of prejudice that are encountered on playgrounds and hockey rinks.

Read the rest of Kendrick's opinion column in the Columbus Dispatch.

Saturday Night Live, Round 2

Saturday Night Live skit with Hillary and Sarah

This video has now more than 4 million views:


Replace your stolen Obama yard sign

There have been many sign thefts over the past several weeks. Remember, if your sign is stolen:
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Please note that we are providing replacement signs for Upper Arlington, Ohio, residents only. We regret that we're unable to mail or hand deliver signs outside of the 43212, 43220 and 43220 zip codes.

Palin's repeated lies earns her 4 Pinocchios from Washington Post

How does a professed Christian tell so many public lies so often and repeatedly, even after they have been debunked?

The lies keep piling up and now CNN has the most thorough debunking on the myriad of lies coming from Team McCain.

Washington Post points out how proudly deceitful Palin is:

"The Republican vice presidential nominee continues to peddle bogus statistics three days after the original error was pointed out by independent fact-checkers.

FOUR PINOCCHIOS: Real whoppers

These same lies are still being repeated even now.


Biden shoots, Biden scores . . .

bidenIn his recent remarks in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, Biden said, "John McCain has confessed, and I quote -- I want to make sure I get it right -- he said, 'It's easy for me to be in Washington and frankly be somewhat divorced from the day-to-day challenges people have.'

"Well, he's right. He's right. If all you do is walk the halls of power, all you'll hear is the wants of the powerful. Ladies and gentleman, I believe that's why John McCain could say with a straight face as recently as this morning, and this is a quote, 'the fundamentals of the economy are strong.' That's what John said. He says that we've made 'great progress economically' in the Bush years.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I could walk from here to Lansing, and I wouldn't run into a single person who thought our economy was doing well -- unless I ran into John McCain."

He added, "What is John's response to the state of the economy? Let me quote him: 'A lot of this is psychological.' Let me tell you something: losing your job is more than a state of mind. It means staring at the ceiling at night thinking that you may lose your house because you can't get next month's mortgage payment.

"It means looking at your pregnant wife and not knowing how you're going to come up with the money to pay for the delivery of your child, since you don't have health care anymore. It means looking at your child when they come home from college at Christmas and saying 'Honey, I'm sorry, we're not going to be able to send you back next semester.' It's not a state of mind; it's a loss of dignity."

Obama's "Fundamentals" ad highlights how disturbingly out of touch John McCain is with what's going in the lives of ordinary Americans. On a day when Wall Street was in crisis John McCain continued to insist that the "fundamentals of the economy are strong."


Randy Newman: A Few Words in Defense of Our Country

The Daily Show at the RNC Convention, Day 3

After a week of the RNC Convention, The Daily Show's daily recaps are just the comic relief and insights the doctor called for.

On Day 3 of the RNC Convention, The Daily Show's Jon Stewart exposes the Republican's hypocrisy, inconsistencies and political theater.

See CBS's "Factchecking Palin" and 'Palin v. Reality' for a complete list of Palin's lies during her speech.


Yard sign initiative: what a great response!

Two of our most successful canvassers placed 8 signs within a two block section of Northwest Boulevard across from Kingsdale. Take a drive from Five Corners heading south and see what you think. Click on the image to enlarge.

We distributed and planted over 200 more signs over the past two weeks. With the Labor Day Arts Festival, the historic Democratic Convention and Obama and Biden's visit to Dublin, the excitement continues to grow.

We know that Obama's support is both broad and enthusiastic, so it's our goal to plant another 200 signs by the end of September.

Be aware. There have been some reports of sign thefts this past week. Remember, if your sign is stolen:

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  3. Put your address on the inside of the sign in case your stolen sign is recovered.

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