Why follow Gahanna’s lead?

Regency Centers has proposed a Kingsdale redevelopment plan that is 100% retail, includes a big-box Target store, and would require 16 variances to UA's strategic Zoning Ordinances due to its lack of office, residential and civic space.

It wasn’t too long ago that the local Gahanna newspaper nicknamed city council meetings “the Tuesday night fights.” Because of dissention among council members and other factors, the community was fading fast. But a determined group of residents, elected officials and city administrators were able to find ways to cooperate and vitalize their city.

The result is the Creekside development, an innovative mix of commercial, retail and living spaces in downtown Olde Gahanna.

Why should Upper Arlington citizens care what happened on the other side of town? Because we have an opportunity to bring innovation to our own area by insisting that Kingsdale once again become a jewel in our city’s crown.

The Regency preliminary proposal is not forward thinking. It is not sensitive to the neighborhood. It requires 16 variances to accomplish. It will not increase city revenues, but will increase demand on city services.

Let’s make our voices heard

Gahanna’s path to being named one of the top 100 cities in the U.S. was not always smooth. But planners listened to public opinion (at one point holding 12 forums to hear what residents thought) and incorporated what they heard into their concepts for Creekside.

Updates: BZAP Kingsdale meeting postponed, Regency promises mixed-use

Columbus Dispatch news brief from November 20, 2007, page C13.

Here are two updates on Kingsdale. On the left is an email from the City's Chad Gibson. On the right is an article from today's Columbus Dispatch.


From: Chad Gibson [mailto:cgibson@uaoh.net]
Sent: Monday, November 19, 2007 2:51 PM
To: [Recipients removed to protect privacy]
Subject: 11/26 BZAP Meeting Postponed

Dear Resident,

Please be advised that the special meeting of the Board of Zoning and Planning to hear the Kingsdale Preliminary Development Plan proposal has been postponed. Regency Centers, LLC has requested a delay until the New Year, per a letter received from its legal representative Smith and Hale LLC on Friday, November 16, 2007, which reads as follows:

"As you know, Regency and the City Staff are currently working on the Regency proposal for the redevelopment of Kingsdale to make the final plan for the center a "win-win" for both the City and Regency. We appreciate the City's efforts to date but after discussions with City staff and their planning consultant, we feel that further study is warranted to investigate the possibility of adding a mixed-use component into the plan. Therefore, because we believe it is beneficial to continue to work with the City, Regency respectfully requests that the hearing before BZAP scheduled for November 26 be tabled or held over to the next BZAP hearing date in January.

Chamber members support mixed use and public funds for Kingsdale

The results from the UA Chamber of Commerce's Kingsdale survey #1 are in:

"... 2 stark results from previous survey include: 88.3% support making Kingsdale a mixed use development, 83.3% support the use of public funds for developing Kingsdale into a focal point for the community"

From the results, it's clear that Chamber members understand the importance of mixed use redevelopment and leveraging the Kingsdale's central location in UA to create a town center. They are also in favor of a public/private partnership.

Here's the Chamber's most recent letter to their membership. It has some excellent facts and observations about Regency's Kingsdale proposal:

Rankin and Ciotola endorse Dan McCormick and Leslie Heath

Endorsement Scorecard: With Rankin's and Ciotola's new e-mail endorsements, the two political camps have emerged.

City Council Candidate Endorsements

Don Leach
Tim Rankin  
Frank Ciotola  


Hon. Priscilla Mead (1986-90)

Hon. Reed McClelland (1990-92)

Hon. John Allen (1994-96)

Hon. Yvonne S. Perotti (1996-98)

Hon. David A. Varda (1998-03)

Hon. Clark Pritchett Jr. (2003-06)

 Upper Arlington
Progressive Action

Right-wing Council members Tim Rankin and Frank Ciotola just announced by e-mail that they are endorcing both Dan McCormick and Leslie Heath for UA City Council. That alone should give UAPA members a good idea of where these candidates stand.

The endorsement's delayed release on the day before the election is to avoid the inevitable letters to the editor pinning Rankin's controversial right wing agenda on McCormick's and Heath's foreheads.

Don Leach endorses Seidel, Krauss and Yassenoff

A few weeks ago Councilman Don Leach sent out his endorsement letter to his constituents. He's backing Seidel, Krauss and Yassenoff -- all people he knows he can work with.

Don Leach endorses Seidel, Krauss and Yassenoff

Councilman Don Leach has distributed his endorsement letter recommending the SKY ticket: Seidel, Krauss and Yassenoff.

Can UA compete with surrounding suburbs?

UA's population has declined by about 7% from 2000 through July 2006, while surrounding suburbs have increased, according to U.S. Census Bureau figures released in June 2007. Upper Arlington is one of several inner-ring suburbs in central Ohio that have declined in population. Figure 1 compares UA's population and median age with other Columbus suburbs.

Hear it directly from the candidates

To help fill the need for a forum covering a broad array of topics, UAPA helped facilitate the creation of the Candidates' Night 2007 meeting coming up this Wednesday, Oct 24th from 7-9 p.m. in the UA Municipal Building, 3600 Tremont Road.

It started with an idea to work with a UA High School student, Deanna Hunt, to create the forum as her Senior project. Once Deanna was on board, the non-partisan group, Leadership UA, graciously agreed sponsor the event and guide Deanna through the process.

The evening includes details on the pending Schools levy, a chance to hear from and ask questions of the three School Board candidates (for three seats) and the five City Council candidates (for three seats). Call 487-8131 for additional details.

The survey results are in!

Between October 9th and 20th, UAPA asked members to complete a membership survey about the 2007 Upper Arlington City Council election. We received 118 completed survey returns. Many respondents took the opportunity to add free-form comments --- adding valuable context to their responses.

We wanted to answer questions like these:

  • How engaged are UAPA members in local politics and the upcoming City Council race?
  • Should UAPA endorse City Council candidates?
  • How do members find useful informaton about local issues and candidate positions?
  • Are all those yard signs working?

Check out the summarized and graphed survey results on the UAPA web site.

Video: UA City Council Candidates Lunch Forum

One source of candidate position information is the Chamber of Commerce's City Council Candidates Lunch Forum held on Thursday, October 11. This year the moderator asked some tough questions and got at least a few substantive answers. For the benefit of those that could not attend, the forum was captured on video and posted on the web.

Garage Sale a Whopping Success

The UAPA garage sale raised an unbelievable $2264! That kind of money will help us hold UAPA events, buy T-shirts, and win elections in 2008. Thank you! And please tell us if you are willing to help one of the following ways with the next sale:

  • Save your discarded household items for the sale
  • Pick-up donated goods from the UAPA community
  • Prepare and price items or staff the sale
  • Lead and/or organize the event for even greater results!

Send us an e-mail at info@uaprogressiveaction.com with your name and ideas!


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