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2021 Membership Drive

UAPA began in 2004 and continues to help elect progressive candidates to all levels of government.  We do this by organizing educational programs, debate watch parties, our website and newsletter, as well as by notifying volunteers of opportunities to help campaigns, making contributions, and offering yard signs and bumper stickers that enable progressives to “take a stand”. 

All of this requires effort and money and the UAPA Executive Committee decided to request annual dues of $25, beginning in May 2016. Our membership drive linked to our efforts to provide Biden yard signs and other merchandise during the 2020 election was wildly successful garnering over 300 members and helping us to contribute dollars and signs to grow efforts to get progressives and Democrats get elected in Franklin County and around the state and country.

For 2021, we hope to maintain momentum by providing education and support for fair redistricting efforts and local candidates and issues.

We urge you to become involved!

Donate to us, or your preferred candidates (preferably both) early!

Be as active as you can!

Make sure everyone you know is registered and votes!

Plan to help get out the vote and vote yourself!

UAPA round sticker All who sign up can request a round UAPA bumper sticker. Your support will ensure that we can continue the important progressive work that we have been doing for the last 16 years. 

If you sent in dues during 2020, thanks! We hope you will continue your support in 2021 and into the future.

Thank you for your support!  We are stronger together.

Tom McIndoe, President UAPA

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 If you would like to pay by check, use the attached form.


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