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Creationism: State School Board

Progressives should be alert to the race for the Ohio School Board, where the issue of creationism is unfortunately is being overlooked by many.

In District 6 (Columbus metro), candidate Kristen McKinley can be counted on to fight against efforts to put "intelligent design" aka creationism into the statewide science curriculum. Schools are obligated to follow state standards, so our votes for state school board candidates do count!

In her letter to voters, McKinley says,

"I am aware of the time spent by the current Board debating curriculum issues such as creationism versus evolution. Because the current state of the law is a separation between church and state, debating this subject is whittling away public funds over an issue that has no current place in public schools. I believe that there are far more pressing issues that this Board must address."

McKinley is endorsed by the Franklin County Democrative Party, the Ohio Education Association, Ohio Association of Public School Employees, Ohio Federation of Teachers, and Ohio AFL-CIO.

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