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Yard sign initiative: what a great response!

Two of our most successful canvassers placed 8 signs within a two block section of Northwest Boulevard across from Kingsdale. Take a drive from Five Corners heading south and see what you think.

We distributed and planted over 200 more signs over the past two weeks. With the Labor Day Arts Festival, the historic Democratic Convention and Obama and Biden's visit to Dublin, the excitement continues to grow.

We know that Obama's support is both broad and enthusiastic, so it's our goal to plant another 200 signs by the end of September.

Be aware. There have been some reports of sign thefts this past week. Remember, if your sign is stolen:

  1. Report the theft to the police department at 459-2800.
  2. Request another sign from UAPA at free of charge. Don't let the vandals and thieves silence your voice!
  3. Put your address on the inside of the sign in case your stolen sign is recovered.

We need for you to sign up to turn UA blue by planting a sign in your yard. Already have your sign? Encourage your Obama/Biden supporting friends and neighbors, who may not know of our sign initiative, to sign up.

Sign up here to have a sign personally planted in your yard. We will include an envelope with your sign in hopes that you will mail us a contribution to help defray our costs.


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