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McCain is trying to divide us!

Abraham Lincoln famously said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." That is what John McCain is hoping when he urges Hillary Clinton supporters to switch to the GOP. We cannot let him succeed.

The primaries were exhausting and sometimes acrimonious and divisive. We know and understand the utter disappointment of Hillary Clinton's supporters; many of our group are among that number. But we must look to the future and November.

UAPA wants to foster an atmosphere of unity. We are dismayed by some voters who seem to be walking away in anger from the progressive cause. That decision will only ensure a Republican victory in November, giving us eight more years of the Bush presidency; degrading environmental policies; disastrous foreign policies; a destructive conservative majority on the Supreme Court, and more of the same in Iraq with no end in sight. With apologies to Aesop, it can be summed up like this: "United we conquer; divided, we elect McCain."

Our goal is a Democrat in the White House. Hillary's goal is a Democrat in the White House. Right now, she is working with Barack Obama at the convention in Denver to heal any lingering wounds.

Don't let Hillary down. Vote for Democrats. Vote for Obama

UAPA needs you now more than ever -- because we need to capture Ohio. Let's do our part -- together -- to win this state and nation for the Democrats.

For Hillary's stirring call for unity, see her Convention speech.

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