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Iraq Take A Stand Town Hall


When: Tuesday, 28 Aug 2007, 7:00 PM

Where: Atrium of the Ohio State House
The Ohio Statehouse
Columbus, OH 43215

What: Take A Stand Town Hall: Our Take A Stand Town Hall and Stand Up Vigil is part of a nation-wide organizing drive to demand that members of Congress and the Senate take a stand with the vast majority of Americans who want a safe and responsible redeployment of American Forces from Iraq. Here in Columbus, we are calling on Representative Deborah Pryce and Senator Voinovich to vote with their constitutents against endless war.

Our event will include great speakers like Iraq war veterans and their families, a showing of our Take A Stand video highlighting the local anti-war organizing efforts from this past summer, as well as live entertainment. After the town meeting, there will be a Stand Up Vigil outside of the Statehouse.

The event location is handicap accessible and there is parking in the City Center.

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