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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Display Your Obama Sign on Primary Day this Tuesday

Not convinced you should display your Obama sign now through Tuesday?  Here are a few good reasons why we encourage you!


1.    Remind Upper Arlington residents they have a solid, proven option this November as they head to the polls on Tuesday.

2.    Annoy Republicans who are already peeved that their candidate selection is so inadequate.

3.    With the gray Ohio winter, the splash of bright blue from the signs will liven up the yard.

4.    Convince independent voters that support for Obama runs deep in our community.

5.    Help people easily find your house: “My driveway is left of the Obama sign.”

6.    Displaying a sign will help you get in touch with your inner “UA for Kerry” side.

7.    The Obama signs coordinate nicely with the UA Library levy signs.

8.    You can have lots of fun thinking up creative ways to prevent your sign from being stolen.

9.    Remind Republicans that the Democratic and progressive base in Upper Arlington is organized, already up to speed and ready to fight the good fight from now until November.

10. Help ensure the President will be reelected this November! 



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