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Why You Should Vote On Tuesday

Every Vote CountsYou may be tempted to skip the election this Tuesday. It might be rainy or cold, and, well, we don’t have a horse in this presidential race so why bother to show up? Actually we have a lot of good reasons to go to the polls on Tuesday. Let us count the top five most important reasons.

1. Foremost, our wonderful Upper Arlington Library has a replacement levy on the ballot. It’s not an increase but simply a measure to continue the funding we have approved in the past. You can learn more at the Library Levy Renewal Facts page hereIf you value the Library, you need to vote for this levy!

2. Additionally, there’s the Upper Arlington Police and Firefighter pension levy we encourage you to support. The city is asking voters to renew and slightly increase a levy that helps pay for police and firefighter pensions. The 1.08-mill levy would last for five years. It would cost a homeowner $33 a year per $100,000 of property value. Of that amount, $5 a year would be new. The tax would raise $1.7 million a year.

3. We have two candidates vying for the Democratic candidacy for the 15th Congressional District, Pat Lang and Scott Wharton. The winner will run against Republican Rep. Steve Stivers in the fall.  Pat Lang, 34, has been the Athens City Law Director since 2007.  Scott Wharton, 53, is a commercial airline pilot for Delta, a retired Air Force pilot, and a farmer from Amanda. You can learn more about each of the candidates on our website.

4. Voters will be asked to select a member of the Democratic State Central Committee, District 16. The winner of this election will help set policy and direction for the Ohio Democratic Party. Although we don’t officially endorse candidates for office in a primary, we encourage you to support UA resident John Gilligan. He’s the son of Governor Jack Gilligan and younger brother of Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services. A former member of the Central Committee of the Franklin County Democratic Party, John served in 2008 and again serves in 2012 as the State Counsel in Ohio to the campaign for President Obama. He has been recognized by his peers in Ohio Super Lawyers as one of the 50 best lawyers in Columbus and one of the 100 best lawyers in Ohio. He is endorsed by Senator Sherrod Brown, former Governor Ted Strickland, Mayor Michael Coleman, Commissioner Marilyn Brown, Commissioner Paula Brooks, Commissioner John O’Grady, and Rep. John Patrick Carney.

5. It will unnerve the Republicans if our Democratic candidates get more votes than any of their candidates, and will demonstrate our commitment to the democratic process of elections.

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