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I'm Ashamed (of Ohio Voter Suppression)

Letters to the Editor
August 10, 2012

Columbus Dispatch,

In the 2012 Ohio Voter Information Guide Jon Husted says:  “The Secretary of State’s office is committed to ensuring that each Ohioan who is eligible to cast a ballot is able to do so.”

We learned, in the 2004 election, that 5 hour lines at the polls on Election Day kept some of those, who were eligible, from casting their ballot.  That was corrected in 2008 by allowing early in-person voting.

Then, last week, Secretary of State Husted decided to limit early voting in Franklin County to the hours of 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday – the hours when most people work.

It’s strange that the hours are so restricted in Franklin and other heavily Democratic Counties, especially since he is allowing early in-person voting during evening hours and weekend hours in the heavily Republican Counties.  Shouldn’t each Ohioan who is eligible to cast a ballot have the same access to the polls?

Please don’t publish any articles about this.  Let’s keep this little secret to ourselves.  I’m embarrassed and ashamed enough already when I talk to relatives in other states about what Ohio Republicans have done in the past two years to stifle the votes of Democrats.

Dave Girves

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