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Vote for UAPA President, John Lytle for Central Committee (UA Ward 6)

Get to Know a Central Committee Candidate
Name: John Lytle
Ward: Upper Arlington 6

John Lytle photoWhat is your background with the Franklin County Democratic Party?
I was encouraged to run for ward representative four years ago and I am glad I did. I enjoy being part of the important process of deciding who the party will endorse, who will lead the county party, and other issues that provide the basis for our political system.

Are you a member of any democratic clubs? If so, which ones?
I have been a member of Upper Arlington Progressive Action since 2004, when it was first organized as UA for Kerry. I was elected president in 2012. I stood by during the 2000 election when the vote count was interrupted by the Supreme Court, and I decided to help in future to elect Democrats.

Who is your favorite president?
Abraham Lincoln guided this country through a terrible time and held it together, but my favorite president is Franklin Roosevelt. He faced problems almost as bad as those Lincoln faced, but his problems lasted far longer. During his administration, many agencies were created and laws passed that have proven over time to have been good for the country. We need to get citizens to understand that we should all be looking to what is good for American society, not individuals or small groups.

When did you first know you were a Democrat?
I have been a Democrat since I started to vote. I grew up in a Republican household, but I have always believed in fairness and honesty. It is not fair when a small part of our society receives nearly all of the advantages of our country and everyone else is left behind. I realized before starting to vote that Democrats cared about all parts of society.

Make sure to vote for John (or your endorsed ward committee person) and the entire FCDP ‪#DEMUnity‬ ticket during this primary election. Early voting starts on 2/17 and Election Day is on 3/15.

Visit to see a list of all of our endorsed candidates.



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