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Volunteer to Protect the Vote!

Are you interested in making sure all eligible voters can cast their ballot and have it counted?  If so, consider coming on Thursday, September 27th to the Friends Theater (2800 Tremont Rd) from 6:30 - 8:30 pm to find out more.

We will be signing up people to volunteer for a variety of jobs from small to large. It's not all canvassing and phone calls (though those are immensely important). Consider bringing along your book club to volunteer together, or your bridge club, or those folks you play golf or softball with. Bring a friend on Thursday or bring several.  This is an important election.


Voter Protection

Volunteer Options for Voter Protection

Thank you for expanding your support of democrats to include voter protection. Voter protection helps make sure every eligible voter is able to cast a ballot that counts. We also record information to aid with any recounts and improve elections in Ohio going forward.  You can play a critical role through being placed in high value precincts or boards of elections to issue spot, problem solve and develop the relationships we need to have the best election possible.

 Election Day Observers

On Election Day, hundreds of observers are stationed in boards of elections and precincts across the state to help make sure voting goes smoothly. Observers monitor for long lines, overuse of provisional ballots, incorrect application of the identification standard, and any other issues that could prevent someone from casting a vote that will count. You will be trained on what to look for and how to resolve issues. To be credentialed as an observer you need to be a registered Ohio voter, but can observe in a different county from where you live.

Voter Protection Hotline—Early Vote and Election Day

Starting during early vote and continuing through Election Day volunteers answer questions from voters called into the voter protection hotline which is included on all get out the vote literature. This ranges from answering questions on where and how to vote to reporting issues that could prevent votes from being cast and counted. The Hotline provides additional eyes and ears into the voting process particularly in areas we have fewer observers. Sometimes if there is a slowdown in questions hotline volunteers contact voters who need to take additional steps to make sure their vote counts.

 Other Help

Not seeing something you are interested in, but still want to help with voter protection? Use the link and tell us what you are thinking and we will put you to work or refer you to the right campaign spot.  

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