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Tell Governor DeWine to Veto Untrained, Unlicensed Concealed Carry

Governor DeWine has SB 215 on his desk. Join the UAPA Executive Committee in asking him to veto this dangerous bill that allows anyone to conceal carry a weapon without training or licensing. Police don't even have to be informed that they have a weapon! Email NOW!

Governor DeWine,

Have you paused to think about the public safety implication if Senate Bill 215 becomes law? Did you listen to the law enforcement and public health officials who were vehemently opposed to this bill that would legalize concealed carry of firearms without a permit? 

We are trying to understand who would be in favor of this legislation except for the gun lobby and the “die hard” gun supporter who doesn’t care if gun deaths go into the stratosphere.

How would SB 215 help reduce gun violence? How can the state mandate drivers licenses for 16-year olds and then let anyone over 21 years old purchase and carry a concealed weapon without any training or licensure. This is pure madness.

As governor, your number one job is to keep us safe. That means keeping Ohioans safe from rampant gun violence. We are shocked and angry to watch how the legislature continues to kowtow to the gun industry as more Ohioans died from firearms in 2021 than almost any year on record, according to data from the Ohio Department of Health.

The people of Dayton pleaded with you in 2019 to “do something” to help protect them from runaway gun violence. We believe not one of those voices would approve of this bill becoming the law of Ohio. In 2019 you said to the people of Dayton, “We love you. We care very, very deeply about you, and we will do everything that we can to tell you that we care.”

Governor, show the people of Ohio that you care and veto SB 215.

--Upper Arlington Progressive Action Executive Committee

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