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DailyKos 2006: Independent Voices: Friends and Neighbors 15th District Ohio

Independent Voices: Friends and Neighbors 15th District Ohio

Sat Oct 21, 2006 at 10:52:23 AM PST

Upper Arlington Progressive Action (UAPA) is a grassroots political action committee based in Upper Arlington, Ohio a historically Republican suburb of Columbus. What began as "UA For Kerry" in 2004 has grown and become UAPA, Upper Arlington Progressive Action.
Founded by six women in May of 2004, UA for Kerry worked tirelessly toward the defeat of George Bush. A rally held in mid-June, 2004, drew over 500 individuals who listened to speeches, collected literature and donated thousands of dollars to the fledging effort. Clearly the group was fulfilling an unmet need in the traditionally Republican and conservative community.

In the last two years, the organization grew to number over 2,000 people receiving the email newsletter and roughly 40 individuals taking on leadership roles and positions of responsibility. UAPA has received local, national and even international media coverage.

My first diary ever told of how the UA For Kerry group made a difference in the 2004 elections: Ohio Suburbs, One Town's Inspiring Story.

They're still making a difference.

Today, UAPA Volunteers are walking and talking to their neighbors and distributing the following video (again made entirely by volunteers) on mini DVD's throughout the community.

I highly recommend you take the time to view this message.

Independent Voices:
Friends and Neighbors 15th District Ohio

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