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Columbus Dispatch: Obama signs are hot property

Obama yard sign theft has finally passed the threshold of press visibility, so the Columbus Dispatch did some calling around to see the extent of the problem.

As was the case in 2004 and 2006, Democratic candidate yard signs are being stolen at many times the rate as their Republican counterparts. In UA's case, it's around 100:1.

Again this year Democrats are going to great lengths to protect their signs. Bob Krasen (photo on right) of Blenheim Road in Clintonville has had three Obama signs stolen this year. According to the Dispatch article, "He added a cow bell to the third one as an alarm, but both the sign and the bell were taken. Now he has made a permanent sign and planted it in his yard."

Several UAPA members have had their signs stolen multiple times, others as part of the mass theft operation mentioned in the Dispatch story.

There have been many sign thefts over the past several weeks. Remember, if your sign is stolen:

  1. Request a replacement sign* from UAPA free of charge. Don't let the vandals and thieves silence your voice!
  2. Put your address on the inside of the sign in case your stolen sign is recovered.
  3. Consider donating to UAPA to help defray the costs of new and replacement signs.

* Please note that new replacement signs are available to Upper Arlington, Ohio, residents only. We are unable to mail or hand deliver signs outside of the 43212, 43220 and 43221 zip codes. We regret any inconvenience.

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