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Pancakes, Post Cards and Persuasion


Ohio women voted 54% for Al Gore in 2000 but only 50% for John Kerry in 2004.

That was the difference in the election.


Join us for pancakes and post card sending. We will be writing to persuadable women in Ohio who are soft-Republican and Independent voters and sharing why we are voting for Barack Obama and Joe Biden and the rest of the Democratic ticket this year.

Women are ready for a conversation about the issues that affect their everyday lives, and they need to know the truth about McCain and Palin and their failed, out-of-touch policies and ideas!

So, if you don't get writer's cramp, we'll supply the post cards, addresses and even talking points to get you started. Feel free to bring a friend. . . and a roll of stamps (if you don't mind)!

Go to to rsvp.

It's simple!

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