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We Need YOU to GOTV

The outcome of this election turns on our ability to get people to come out and vote. You can help by canvassing or phone banking. Canvassers will be going to friendly voters to remind them to vote, early if possible.

Most Recent Voting Hours

Now that the Supreme Court has decided to limit much of Ohio's early voting opportunities it is increasingly important to turn out everyone we can. The following are the current hours:

Tuesday, Oct. 7 through Friday, Oct. 10 - 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Fired Up? READY TO GO!!




Election 2012


Pancakes, Post Cards and Persuasion

Ohio women voted 54% for Al Gore in 2000 but only 50% for John Kerry in 2004.

That was the difference in the election.


Join us for pancakes and post card sending. We will be writing to persuadable women in Ohio who are soft-Republican and Independent voters and sharing why we are voting for Barack Obama and Joe Biden and the rest of the Democratic ticket this year.

Women are ready for a conversation about the issues that affect their everyday lives, and they need to know the truth about McCain and Palin and their failed, out-of-touch policies and ideas!

So, if you don't get writer's cramp, we'll supply the post cards, addresses and even talking points to get you started. Feel free to bring a friend. . . and a roll of stamps (if you don't mind)!

Go to to rsvp.

It's simple!

Vote 2010 Kickoff!

Columbus Vote 2010 Kickoff

Saturday, June 5

11 a.m.

Columbus/Grandview Heights Coordinated Campaign Office, 747 Chambers Road, Columbus, OH 43212

The November election is only five months away. Organizing for American has identified a clear path to success: Get as many as possible of the 15 million folks who voted for the first time in 2008 back to the polls. Engaging them early in the year is the best way to ensure their participation, so on June 5 OFA volunteers will be knocking on doors in our area and across the U.S. and calling first-time 2008 voters to ask them to commit to voting again in November.



Next to voting, the most important thing you can do this election

is to turn registered voters into actual voters.


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