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Democratic Candidates in the 15th District

The most important thing UAPA members can do to change the politics of obstruction in Washington is to regain the 15th Congressional seat for a Democrat.  The original redistricting map had the 15th as a snake-shaped monstrosity that was only 43% Democratic—a no-win situation. The compromise redistricted 15th is now 47% Democratic. And with President Obama on the ticket, the 15th is in definite play.
We have two Democratic candidates for the 15th District Congressional seat. Pat Lang is the Athens Law Director. Scott Wharton is a farmer from Amanda. Pat Lang visited the UAPA Coffee and Conversation event on January 7, 2012. UAPA has not been contacted by Scott Wharton.
How can UAPA members help?
  • Vote for a Democratic candidate on the primary on March 6th. We’ll be in great shape if the Democratic candidate gets more votes than the Republican incumbant. We can make it happen!
  • Save the date of Saturday, May 26, 2012 for the Grandview Memorial Day Parade. This is a proxy of political strength, and all the candidates will be there—we’d better be there too. About 100 people is the target. The Republican in the race will certainly have that many.
  • Join the UA for Lang or the UA for Wharton campaign. Design signs, t-shirts.
  • Facebook friend your favorite candidate (Wharton or Lang).
  • Bookmark the webpage of your favorite candidate.
  • Invite your favorite candidate to come to your event; pancake breakfast, Mardi-Gras festival, picnic. The candidates need visibility in UA to win, and UAPA members know what events promote visibility.
  • Canvass for your candidate. No kidding, knocking on doors is the number one way to get votes in UA. Ask any City Council member.

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