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Help Fight Voter Suppression in Ohio!

The Ohio Democratic Party and allied groups are in the beginning stages of an effort to repeal House Bill 194 -- the Republican voter suppression bill -- which makes it harder for Ohioans to vote and makes fewer votes count. In Franklin County, for instance, four out of ten voters would be impacted by House Bill 194.
Here's some of what the Republican voter suppression bill does:
1. Dramatically shortens the number of early voting days -- disproportionately impacting working people.
2. Shortens the time frame for requesting, filling out and turning in a mail-in ballot.
3. Abolishes the most popular in-person early voting days -- making Election Day lines longer and longer.
4. Makes fewer votes count, disenfranchising thousands upon thousands of Ohioans.
All of these changes are intended to make it harder for Democrats to win elections, and that's why we're working to repeal it.  But's a tall order: just like our efforts to repeal Senate Bill 5, we would need 231,000 valid signatures to put HB 194 on the ballot.
It won't be easy and we could never do it on our own.  We need YOU and your like-minded friends to work even harder to repeal HB 194 as you have to repeal SB 5.  That's right -- even harder.
Help repeal HB 194 by volunteering.  Please sign up today!

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