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Meet Your Democratic Primary Candidates for the 15th Congressional District

We have two candidates vying for the Democratic candidacy for the 15th Congressional District slot in the upcoming Ohio Primary on March 6. The winner will run against Republican Rep. Steve Stivers in the fall. 

Pat Lang, 34, visited with UAPA during our Coffee and Conversation event on January 7, 2012. Lang was the youngest person elected to Athens City Council at the age of 19. He's a graduate of Ohio University and the University of Cincinnati, where he received a law degree. He served as an assistant prosecutor for Athens County for nearly four years before being elected to the position of Athens City Law Director in 2007, a position he currently holds. 

Scott Wharton, 53, has been a commercial airline pilot for Delta for 22 years and is a retired Air Force pilot, having spent 10 years in active service and 10 years in the reserves.  He is a veteran of Operation Desert Storm and a union member of the Airline Pilots Association (ALPA), which is affiliated with the AFL-CIO.  Wharton, who has a bachelor’s degree in computer science, resides in Amanda with his children, Heather and Thomas, on a family-run farm that raises cash crops.

Both candidates attended our Blue Brunch to meet our membership.

Admittedly the Democratic candidate will have an uphill battle against Stivers, but we feel that no one is unbeatable! We encourage our membership to support the candidate of their choice in the primary election in March, and to support the primary winner in the fall in the general election on November 6th!

How can UAPA members help?

• Vote for your candidate on March 6th. It will say a lot if the Democratic candidates get more votes than the Republican incumbent.

• Facebook friend and bookmark the webpage of your candidate.

• Volunteer for their campaign and "knock and talk"  about your candidate in your neighborhood. No kidding, shoe leather is the number one way to get votes in UA. Just ask any City Council member!

Helpful Links:

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Facebook: Wharton for Congress

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