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Letter to the Editor - A Better Level of Care

Columbus Dispatch,

July 4, 2012

In Stewart Aron’s letter, (Monday, July 1), he laments that those of us in our 70’s and 80’s will have a diminished life expectancy because with the rationed care in ObamaCare we cannot expect the same level of care we now have.

Please, Stew, change the channel.  Fox News lies.

It’s the insurance company bureaucrats that ration care not the government.  That’s one of the main reasons ObamaCare was needed.

Because of ObamaCare those of us on Medicare are seeing the drug doughnut hole disappear.  And with ObamaCare we get free preventative treatment with no co-pays and a free yearly health exam.  The law gives doctors and nurses tools that help them to spend more time than before with us, their patient.

The truth is we cannot expect the same level of care we now have; we can expect a better level of care thanks to President Obama.

David T. Girves


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