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Letter to the Editor - The Sky is Falling!

Columbus Dispatch,

July 6, 2012

John Meinhardt, (Letter July 6th) worries how the government bureaucrats under ObamaCare will affect our health care in the future.  He worries they “will have to approve all tests and procedures the doctor recommends.”  He worries what would happen if someone had an accident on a weekend and went to the emergency room.  After all everyone knows that “bureaucrats don’t work on Saturdays or Sundays.”  He worries that “those who are 75 or older can forget about any procedures, since they are too old and costly to keep around.”

Obviously Mr. Meinhardt is under 65 and has health coverage with a normal insurance company.  How else would he get that impression of how bureaucrats function?

Years ago at age 65 I became eligible for that other government run health insurance program, Medicare, and discovered that those faceless bureaucrats in Washington told me I could see any doctor I wanted to see, I could go to any hospital I wanted to go to, I didn’t need a referral from my primary care physician to see a specialist, I didn’t need pre-authorization for any surgery or procedure, I wouldn’t be denied coverage for my pre-existing diabetes, I wouldn’t have my coverage rescinded if I got really sick, and there was no annual or lifetime cap on what the insurance company pays for.

I worry what would happen if ObamaCare were repealed.

Dave Girves


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