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Steve Stivers' Shameful Voting Record - Vote for Pat Lang!

According to, from Jan 2011 to Aug 2012, Stivers missed 181 of 1503 recorded or roll call votes, which is 12.0%. This is worse than the median of 2.4%.

According to, some of the bills Stivers did not vote on included:

  1. HR4078 – Red Tape Reduction and Small Business Job Creation Act -  7/2012
  2. HR 459 – Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2012 – 7/2012
  3. HR5856 – Dept. of Defense Appropriations Act – 7/2012

He voted yea on:

  1. Extending all the Bush tax cuts
  2. Prohibiting the use of federal funds for Planned Parenthood - HAmdt 95
  3. Repeal of the healthcare bill – HR6079
  4. Limit Federal Appropriations for fiscal years 2011-2012 (The Ryan Budget)
  5. To Repeal EPA emissions regulations on cement manufacturers – HR3079
  6. To Repeal EPA rule limiting interstate transport of emissions of nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide. – H Amdt 799


Voted nay on:

  1. Disclosure of Bonuses and Golden Parachute Arrangements – Hamdt 849


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