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Solar Power

Letter to the Editor: Wind, Solar Supplement Fossil Fuels

Letter to the Editor
Columbus Dispatch
April 4, 2014

In his Saturday letter “Energy mandates should be reviewed,” Sam Randazzo of Industrial Energy Users-Ohio made a lot of
claims about how bad the energy-efficiency targets are that the Ohio legislature enacted in 2008. Most of his claims were

We must do something to decrease our oil and gas usage. Yes, there is a boom now, but how long will that last and what is the

Solar Installations Information Meeting April 5, 2010

Special Improvement District for solar installations
Information session
Monday, April 5, 7 p.m., UA Public Library, Tremont Road

The Upper Arlington High School Environmental Club and
Tipping Point Renewable Energy are promoting a Special Improvement District for solar installations in Upper Arlington.


A new law in Ohio allows municipalities to help finance solar projects. The city can recoup finance and administrative costs through assessments. Residents and businesses can have their properties assessed and solar panels installed without the major obstacle of upfront cost.

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